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Frequently asked questions

Where does this information come from?

In a free society, an informed citizenry must be kept abreast of the workings of our government. If that sacred tenet of self-government means anything, it means that when somebody gets hooked and booked in the Garden City, you need to be able to carry out your solemn civic duty to peep their mug shot over your morning coffee.

Can I have my mugshot taken down on request?


Are you on social media?

No, any social media accounts are not us.

Can I advertise on Missoula Mugs?

Um, is your name Dwight Schulte? No? Then we encourage you to seek out other opportunities. The thing is, everybody wants to advertise on Mugs. There was the food truck operator who wanted to put "sponsored content" on our site (gross). Some chump calling himself an "influencer" messaged us asking how he could partner with us to get his brand on Mugs (that's easy—get arrested, genius). We've turned down every form of Internet advertising known to man, from carousel ads (barf), to native advertising (sounds like a hate crime), to pop-up ads (definitely a hate crime).

Look, if you've been reading Mugs for a while, you're familiar with our carefully curated vibe—we keep it clean and tight. Visual excellence is probably the number one thing we're known for, besides maybe the mugshots. We aren't going to sully this artist's canvas with just anybody's ads. It's got to be the right ad, for the right partner, for the right reason. It's got to be Dwight. So when we turn down your advertising inquiry, just know that it's not an anti-you thing; it's just a really pro-Dwight thing.

We know what you're thinking: What's so special about Dwight Schulte? Here's the best way we can say it. You know when you give somebody a really great high five? Like when both parties are super jacked about something and they both come in with good hand speed and there's perfectly even palm-to-palm contact for that crisp clapping sound, hard enough for just a hint of a sting but nothing painful, and there's even a bit of eye contact? That's how amazing it feels every time you shake hands with Dwight Schulte.

Here at Missoula Mugs we know firsthand that our fellow citizens can manage to get themselves jammed up every now and then. All it takes is one misunderstanding, one stroke of rotten luck, or one crazy-ass bad decision, and bam!—you find yourself wearing orange and posing for Missoula's least in-demand portrait photographer out on Mullan Road.

When those moments strike, Dwight Schulte is the only guy you need to call. But criminal defense is not all he does! Injured in an accident? Hit up our guy Dwight. Trusted. Vetted. Proven. Classy. That's our man in the courtroom, Dwight Schulte.