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Let's Not Wreck The Holidays

Muggers, the holidays are upon us and we've been meaning to get at you on something for a while now. This isn't easy to say, and you need to know it's coming from a place of love, but the thing is, well…your DUI mugshots are pretty awful. Like, the worst. There's no good way to take a DUI mugshot, and we've seen them all. We're all familiar with the tear-stained bewilderment of “wait-I-was-just-partying-an-hour-ago-what-the-hell-happened” girl. We've seen a thousand versions of smirking middle-aged “my lawyer will handle this” guy in his Griz gear. We feel like we're practically roommates with that 20-something who gets a DUI while wearing a polo with his employer's logo.

Don't get us wrong, here at Missoula Mugs we appreciate a good shame snap. Hell, it's pretty much why we exist. However, we're bored with your glassy eyes, your sad sack stares, and your putting-on-a-brave-face smiles. And we swear, if one more of you defiantly crosses your arms in your DUI mugshot, like you can't believe the balls on that cop who just hooked you for riding dirty, well, we might just shut this whole site down. Seriously, creepy arson guy has a better mugshot than you, lazy eye and all. Failure to appear guy puts you to shame with his quiet dignity. Even criminal trespass girl looks like Joan of Arc compared to you.

So do us a favor—and we don't ask you for much. Let's cut out the DUIs this month. Have fun, sure. But celebrate responsibly, look out for your fellow Muggers, and put your picture in a nice Christmas card instead of on the jail roster. Muggers, don't wreck the holidays.